An Entry Level Employability Skills Program

The animated Job Readiness Skills program is designed to introduce entry level employability skills to those with little or no work experience and those with learning disabilities who are planning to enter the workforce. The program uses an engaging and positive approach to increasing awareness of the types of attitudes, skills and behaviors needed for success at work. The series presents seven characters finding their first jobs each who are faced with how to behave and make decisions in various situations at work. Clients/students can chose and see the consequences of each choice.

The scenes below are selections from the overall program.

The printable Program Overview below, provides a summary of the program and the areas where it can be used. The Topics Outline lists the Attitude and Service skills covered in the program.

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$250 / Year

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  • Access to all Topics and Animation Scenes
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The WorkGo Job Readiness program has been designed, developed and produced by WorkStart Inc of Victoria, B.C. All rights reserved.